PERSIA EXPORT : - Iranian pistachio ,saffron exporter
PERSIA EXPORT is a professional exporter company concerned with the Trading and exportation of a wide range of products from saffron and Iranian nuts ,saffron ,Drinks ,chocolate ...
persia export ,saffron,pistachio,almond
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Exporter of Iranian Products

Only The Best From Iran

Persia Export at a glance

Loura Pistachio

Premium Quality Salted & Roasted Iranian Pistachio

Modern Baking Method, No Cholesterol, Natural

, Unique Taste

learn more about Pistachio productslearn more about us

Premium Quality Sunflower Seeds

with BBQ Coated ,Ketchup Coated

Onion and Parsley Coated ,Balsamic Coated

Modern Baking Method, Natural, Unique Taste

learn more about Pistachio productslearn more about us

Buy Pistachio Wholesale

Iranian in-shell pistachios and shelled pistachio products

learn more about Pistachio productslearn more about us

Buy Almond Wholesale

Premium Quality Mamra Almond And Other Types Of Almond

Persian Saffron

Buy Saffron Bulk or Packaged in different sizes

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persia export -伊朗出口商公司

We are a member of:

Australia, China and Iran chamber of commerce. As well as a member of commerce industry & active member of Iran Pistachio Association .

as our country is located in the best climatically and meteorologically conditions and profiting the best sun affects, our products are admirable in taste and odor and are right products offered for every taste

Persia Export established in 2017, strive to source the highest quality, fresh Iranian nuts, snack, dried fruits ,seeds, confectionery and food ingredient products to destinations around the world in most efficient way.

We at Persia Export in collaboration with  Rafsanjan Pistachio Agricultural. Co   are committed to providing the highest quality of pistachios on the market all over the world. Our products do not contain any artificial flavors, added colors or preservatives and you can rest assured that they are widely recalled for superior quality and value, making them available in a wide assortment packaging options to ensure freshness and adhere to strict quality standards.

We have Agents  in Germany and Hungary to facilitate the affairs of the two countries , for more information contact us .

How can we offer a comprehensive range of produce to our customer?

We build strong relationship and partnerships with a range of reliable produce growers across Iran that able to support us, all year round .